Jason Cole: Jets' offensive line #7 in NFL

7. New York Jets: I can already hear the good folks of Gang Green ripping me for putting this unit only one spot ahead of the Giants after the Jets led the league in rushing last season. That would be a reasonable thing to say if the pass protection hadn’t been so bad last year (the Jets ranked No. 23 according to Football Outsiders). A lot of that goes to the youth of quarterback Mark Sanchez, but facts are facts. All of that said, no line in the league has a better chance of moving up significantly this season than the Jets, even after the release of veteran Alan Faneca.

Florio Says the Jets won't make the Playoffs


Of course, considering the source, not sure how much stock to put in it. But you fins fans here will enjoy this, I'm sure. Also, here's his article on the 6 he thinks that still will: 6 that will. I wonder if his next installment will be who replaced the 6 he expects to be out.

Pro Interviews' First Ever Audio Interview


Since most of you have an idea of who I am around here, thought I would share the link. It's awesome! He's not a Jet, sorry, but He's a Raider, and a fine special teams player.

The Jets are willing to make Revis the highest paid DB ever with a contract that could exceed 100 million


"What the Jets appear ready to do instead is add six years to the existing deal, a total package that, when added to the remaining $21 million Revis is owed would approach $100 million or more. That deal, which would average around $12 million per season, would keep Revis with the Jets until he is 33." Apparently the FO is also pretty far along with a contract for Ferguson. I'm not sure why he would get one before Harris and Mangold considering he still has two years left on his deal but whatever. What do you make of this? Do you thinks it true?

Under the Cap: Show Revis the Money


Interesting read about Revis's current contract and his potential new contract. Halsell suggests that Revis asking for Asomugha money may actually not be so ridiculous after all...?

For the Last Time... Sanchez > Henne


Trent Dilfer lays it out beautifully, succinctly, and irrefutably... Now we can put that puppy to bed and move on to reall football talk.

Mike Florio Takes a Cheap Shot on Sanchez


USC is in trouble right now and Florio takes the oppurtunity to take a low blow on the Sanchise. See for yourself by clicking the title above, if you want more of a reason to dislike him...

Jets lower price on 18,000 PSLs


"Lower end-zone seats will be dropped from $5,000 to $2,500, as will those in the mezzanine end zone. Seats in the lower-sideline section will be cut from $15,000 to $10,000."

Kevin Basped -- The Long Road


I was intrigued by his physical attributes when we signed him. Now I'm full-fledged in his corner. A very worthy read. Bravo to Cimini for an excellent piece.

Revis Returns to OTAs


Manish Mehta tweets that the All-Pro CB is back with the team.