With 29 seconds and one timeout left, the Jets were going to call one last play, another run, when...


With 29 seconds and one timeout left, the Jets were going to call one last play, another run, when the Colts did the damndest thing. They called timeout. Given time to get the right play, the Jets talked it out. It was a group effort. New York considered calling another running play anyway, but 6-foot-3 receiver Braylon Edwards objected. Since the Colts had given New York time to talk it out, Edwards noted that he was being single-covered by 5-10 Colts cornerback Jacob Lacey. He wanted the ball. Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer relented, and suggested a certain pass play. This time, quarterback Mark Sanchez objected. (Told you -- this was a group effort.) Anyway, Schottenheimer relented a second time. Here, Mark, he told Sanchez. You call the play. No animosity. All trust. Schottenheimer trusted Sanchez to call a play that would work, and Sanchez called a streak to Edwards down the right sideline. It worked -- easily, with Edwards rising high above Lacey for the catch -- for 18 yards. The clock ran down to three seconds, and the Jets called their final timeout.

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Pregame/Saints-Seahawks Discussion Thread


The Game Thread is scheduled to go up at 6:00, but I just wanted to throw something up for anybody who wants to chat about the early game or Jets-Colts before the fun starts.

Tony Sparano Gets Contract Extension From Miami Dolphins


I'm not really sure I understand the thought process in Miami. The team indicates it does not feel Sparano is the answer by openly courting another coach this week. Then it gives said coach who is not the answer an extension to keep him even longer.

Broadway Joe talks more about the Jets-Colts matchup.


Broadway Joe talks more about the Jets-Colts matchup.

Broadway Joe urges the special teams to help Gang Green win on Saturday.


Broadway Joe urges the special teams to help Gang Green win on Saturday.

Speculation on SF Coaching...


I know this doesn't seem Jets related, however... read the last paragraph: "Beyond that, it's speculation. The list could include Pat Shurmur, Rams offensive coordinator; Brian Schottenheimer, Jets offensive coordinator; Marty Mornhinweg, Eagles offensive coordinator; and Mike Mularkey, Falcons offensive coordinator, among others." This isn't the first place I've read this either. And, since it looks like SF is going to have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a coach, our OC might be their man!

Audio of Jets Playoff Preview with Beat Reporter Manish Mehta


As you might know from my previous Jets-related interviews, I co-host a 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Sports Talk radio show on Long Island. Last night, we did 27+ commercial-free minutes of nothing but Jets Playoffs Preview talk with Daily News Jets beat reporter Manish Mehta. I have uploaded the interview in MP3 format to Here are the topics discussed in chronological order: --Manish's optimism about the game --The differences between this year's game and last year's game --All things Cromartie --The Pass Rush --The Nickel Back position --Punt & Kick Returns --Joe McKnight --How the RB carries will shake out --Mark Sanchez --The Jets' earlier victory over the Pats --Danny Woodhead --Matching up on Special Teams against the Colts --On-Field and Off-Field Distractions and Their Impact (if any) --The Offensive Line --The WR/TE Breakdown --The LB Corps --The Jets' Travel Plans for the Game --Manish's Prediction for the Game Thanks, and I hope you get a chance to listen.

Jets at Colts: The Definitive Preview


10 questions answered on why the Jets have a great chance Saturday night