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Super Human has been a New York Jets fan for over half a century. He has been an avid NFL draft scout since 1990. He brings a wealth of knowledge of NFL history --especially the history of the New York Jets. He has had many former pro and college football coaches, scouts and writers as advisors over the years. He brings a passion for the game plus a love of his team that can be felt through his writing.

How Do The Jets Beat The Chargers?

Okay Jets coaches, write this down, use on game day

What To Do At The Trade Deadline?

Addition plus maybe subtraction for the Jets as the trade deadline approaches

The Year In Review So Far

Looking back while looking forward

How do the Jets win against the Eagles?

A home win against a good team is needed

Human Nature

How the Jets team overcomes a loss

The NFL and The Salary Cap

Have to navigate fiscal waters


Team chemistry makes Champions

What Do The Jets Do Now?

Time to adjust for a run at a title

Talking New York Jets

Everyone seems to be excited

Bill Belichick And The Jets

A sampling of the history of the feud