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College Football Viewing Guild/Game Threads: Week 0

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Ohio State Kyle Robertson-USA TODAY Sports

While real Jets games are on the near horizon, real college football games start today! It’s week ZERO baby! JD has built this team the correct way. Our team is filled to the brim with young, homegrown talent. The hunt for the next great Jets draft class starts now. As of right now, I see these positions as positions of need as far as starters or depth. T, IDL, WR, S, QB, G, EDGE ...

* Prospects who have caught my eye

Notre Dame Vs. Navy, 2:30 PM/EST, NBC

Notre Dame

QB, Sam Hartman, #10

* T, Joe Alt, #76

*T, Blake Fisher, #54

IDL, Rylie Mills, #99

LB, Jack Kiser, #24

*LB, JD Bertrand,#27


S, John Marshall, #1

San Jose State Vs. USC, 8:00 PM/EST, PACN

San Jose State

S, Tre Jenkins, #22

LB, Bryun Parham, #6


*QB, Caleb Williams, #13

*T, Jonah Monheim, #79

*IOL, Justin Dedich, #57

*WR, Dorian Singer, #15

WR, Mario Williams, #4

EDGE, Korey Foreman, #0

LB, Eric Gentry, #18

LB, Mason Cobb, #13

*S, Calen Bullock, #7