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Mock Off-Season 2023: Draft Week Edition

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Kyle Robertson/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

We’re here folks! This is what it is all about. All 32 teams have been on a long road leading to this point. Everyone wants to get better this week, but not everyone will. You will see cheering and high five giving in every war room on TV, but not every team is going to hit the draft out of the park. JD did last year, but can he do it again? There is still so much left to do before we get an idea of what this final roster will look like. This is my little fantasy for how it will all go down, and what our 2023 NY Jets will look like.


OLB Kwon Alexander


Aaron Rodgers - Pick 42 + Conditional 2024 3rd


Becomes a 2nd if he plays 80% of snaps

Becomes a 1st if we make the divisional round of the playoffs