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NFL Free Agency IOL Status: Step Off Of That Ledge My Friend

NFL: New England Patriots at Los Angeles Chargers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The top IOL pieces are starting to fall into place. Unfortunately for us, that place is not NY. We are far from dead on arrival though. There are still plenty of moves to make. The first step to moving on is saying goodbye to the players we have all fawned over since the off-season started.

Let’s start with Joe Thuney. Joe, you were our shining star in a dark sky. It is a shame we won’t be seeing you in green next year. In the end, you signed up for the best situation you could ever dream of. You get to block for arguably the best QB in the league going forward. You got paid as well. I can’t blame you for picking that situation over ours. We wish you luck.

The next guy up is one I was particularly fond of, Corey Linsley. You showed this year that you deserved to be the highest paid center in the league. You would have been great fit for our offense seeing as you are coming from a similar one. You get to snap the ball to one of the best up and coming QBs in the league. Oh, and you got paid! Congratulations! We wish you well.

Now that we have said goodbye to those we have lost, let’s look forward to who is still available. Next on my list, is the center for the New England Patriots, David Andrews. Andrews missed 2019 with an injury, but had a great revival in 2020. If he can continue to get back into pre-2019 form, we could end up with one of the better centers in the league. This will allow us to move Connor McGovern out to guard. David Andrews, come on down!

Maybe Andrews flops as well. We just need to keep on moving. We’re sharks here... Keep moving or die. Next up we have IOL/T, Matt Feiler. Feiler won’t be among the top names out there, but he has extensive starting experience inside and out. Having that kind of fluidity could be very valuable. He is my top value signing possible.

So there you go. All is not lost. Let’s relax and let things play out. The moves are out there.