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Podcast: What Robert Saleh needs to improve

NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously last week was not a great one for Robert Saleh as an explosive article was published about Jets’ behind the scenes problems in 2023. The head coach was not painted in a positive light.

No matter how accurate the reporting was, it seems clear to me that Saleh has not done a particularly good job as head coach of the New York Jets in his three seasons on the job. The team has been unsuccessful under his management. While the expected return of Aaron Rodgers should provide the team a boost, it is difficult to go far in this league without high quality coaching from the top guy.

On today’s podcast I lay out improvements I would like to see from Robert Saleh in 2024. I think learning from his missteps can make a big difference for this team going forward.

Thanks for watching and/or listening to the show.