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Podcast: Breaking Down The Athletic’s Piece on the Jets with Michael Nania

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NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday The Athletic dropped a story about what was going on behind the scenes with the Jets in 2023. It did not paint many of the team’s decision makers in a very positive light.

On today’s podcast I am joined by our old friend Michael Nania of to talk about what the article revealed and the state of the team’s leadership.

Perhaps nobody received a more devastating portrayal in the story than head coach Robert Saleh. The article paints the story of a coach who was quick to point the finger, quickly willing to throw in the towel after Aaron Rodgers was injured, and obsessed with the way the team was covered in the media. The article also filled in the blanks on things widely believed on the team such as examples of Nathaniel Hackett being in over his head. We discuss the takeaways from the story today.

Thanks for listening/watching.