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2024 NFL Draft Order: Jets land 10th overall pick

The Jets remain in the top ten after their win against the Patriots to close out 2023.

NFL: New York Jets-OTA Jonathan Jones-USA TODAY Sports

The 2023 NFL regular season is over, which means we have the official Draft order.

With their Week 18 win over the New England Patriots, the New York Jets have finished with a 7-10 record. This gives the Jets the tenth overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Jets were one of four teams with a 7-10 record. The tiebreaker for Draft positioning is strength of schedule. An easier schedule wins the tiebreaker. The Jets had a tougher schedule with Atlanta and Chicago, which gives those teams picks 8 and 9 respectively. The Jets did have an easier schedule than 7-10 Minnesota, which landed them the 10th pick.

For you tank commanders out there, the Jets would have had the sixth overall pick had they lost to New England.

The full first round order is below. Picks 19-32 will be determined by Playoff results.

  1. Chicago (from Carolina) 2-15
  2. Washington 4-13
  3. New England 4-13
  4. Arizona 4-13
  5. LA Chargers 5-12
  6. NY Giants 6-11
  7. Tennessee 6-11
  8. Atlanta 7-10
  9. Chicago 7-10
  10. NY Jets 7-10
  11. Minnesota 7-10
  12. Denver 8-9
  13. Las Vegas 8-9
  14. New Orleans 9-8
  15. Indianapolis 9-8
  16. Seattle 9-8