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Explosive story details depths of Jets’ organizational dysfunction in 2023

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NFL: New York Jets at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

The Athletic published a story by Jets beat writer Zack Rosenblatt and national reporter Dianna Russini offering a behind the scenes look at what went wrong in the Jets 2023 season.

Unsurprisingly, it does not paint many of the team’s key figures in a flattering light. Woody Johnson was unsurprisingly painted as an owner completely star struck by Aaron Rodgers.

Nathaniel Hackett was portrayed as a coordinator who lacked attention to detail and showed little interest in adjusting after Aaron Rodgers’ injury. Perhaps this is due to Hackett owing his job to Rodgers. The Jets hired Hackett a year ago in an attempt to lure the quarterback to New York.

The article also notes the extent to which Jets leadership deferred to Rodgers. Beyond the hiring of Hackett, the team brought in several free agents last offseason with ties to Rodgers. One executive with another team is quoted as saying he views Rodgers as the team’s real general manager.

Additionally, the struggles on the offense led to tensions with the defense.

While many figures within the organization come away from the article looking bad, nobody is portrayed worse than Robert Saleh. Much of what was written above was simply confirmation of what many of us already suspected. With Saleh, there is a mountain of new information.

Rosenblatt and Russini paint a picture of a coach who all but threw in the towel on the season once Rodgers got injured. His goal became winning enough games to survive, not making the Playoffs. He openly complained about being stuck with Zach Wilson, blaming the third year quarterback for most of his problems. Saleh was also upset about the press coverage the team got to the point where he threatened to confiscate cell phones to uncover leakers to the media.

You can read the full story at The Athletic.