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Podcast: Lessons the Jets can learn from their successes

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

2023 did not go the way the New York Jets were hoping it would go. Clearly there were missteps the front office made along the way. This was particularly true on the offensive side of the ball where practically nothing went according to plan.

However, there are some very good parts of this team, namely defense and special teams. As the Jets look to build up their weakest unit, there are lessons they can take from their strengths.

This is one of the topics of today’s podcast. We take a look at the things the Jets have done right since Joe Douglas took over as general manager. The Jets might have made some bad evaluations, but they have targeted the correct positions. They have also prioritized the game’s third phase. Maybe some of the lessons from building the defense into a strength will carry over.

Thanks for listening to and watching the show.