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How does Sauce Gardner compare to Darrelle Revis through two seasons?

Sauce has had a start to his career for the ages

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I think what made me fall in love with New York Jets football was cornerback Darrelle Revis. Even as a teenager greatness is easy to see, and Revis’ peak was the kind of greatness that made other great players look average. And greatness? Well, that’s just plain fun to watch.

Years later, I’d still put Revis’ prime up there with anyone. You can mention cornerback Deon Sanders if you want. Last time I checked though, he didn’t take arguably the most talented and physically gifted wideout in history and turn him into “just a guy” for a week like Revis did when paired up against Hall of Fame Detroit Lions wideout Calvin Johnson.

For those of you too young to remember, it wasn’t just that one week of spectacular play. Revis did that every week for years. Teams would send out their superstar wide receivers that they built their team around against the Jets, and watch them get rendered irrelevant any time they went against Revis from 2009 to 2011. Move him to the left side of the field? Revis would go along. Right side? Still there. Slot? You guessed it, there was Revis. It was incredible to watch.

And to know as a fan that the best player on the field was always going to be on your side of the ball? Arguably even better. For a long time after Revis left that feeling was missing from Jets football. Sure, the Jets had some good players, but none of them were the type of great that you gush over years later. Now though? Well, the Jets might just have that again in another cornerback, Sauce Gardner.

The even crazier part of the Jets finding themselves another potentially all-time great cornerback? As good as Revis was, Sauce’s numbers are arguably better than Revis’ through two years.

Those statistics suggest Sauce is targeted less and allows a lower completion percentage. As a standalone number either would be impressive but to do both? Yeesh. That dude is good. In line with that, he’s allowed half as many yards as Revis. Crazy.

It’s worth noting that Revis’ true peak was 2009 through 2011 which were his 3rd, 4th, and 5th seasons. We can’t compare the two across their primes yet as Sauce (hopefully) hasn’t entered his. In a few years we still might look back on Revis’ prime and say “best Jet there ever was without a doubt.” However, if Sauce can have even a fraction of the jump that Revis did from year 2 to 3, then we might find ourselves arguing about whether Revis or Sauce is the best Jets cornerback to ever wear green and white... and, honestly, wouldn’t that be a really cool debate to have for the next few decades? Personally, I’m hoping we get to have it.