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Breece Hall’s fantastic 2023 season

Breece Hall was a bright spot in a dark Jets season

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports

I love that I get to say this: I was wrong about New York Jets running back Breece Hall in 2023.

Heading into the season, I was openly skeptical about how Breece Hall would perform in 2023. I recognized his injury, assumed he wouldn’t be an outlier, and pointed it out in writing. And I didn’t just do it once. The data said that running backs don’t come back from the kind of injury Breece had and perform at a high level in year 1. Accordingly, I viewed the Jets banking on Breece to do just that as a big concern.

Well, Breece Hall seemingly cared not about my concerns and might as well have said “You can keep those” with the kind of season he just had.

Yep, you read that right. Breece Hall finished the season second in all scrimmage yards behind only future Hall of Fame running back Christian McCaffrey. And McCaffrey plays behind arguably the league’s best offensive line, while Breece is saddled with the worst.

Perhaps the even more exciting part? The historical data also still suggests running backs tend to be even better when they’re a year removed from the surgery, which is exactly what Breece will be next season. Fingers crossed Breece continues that trend because he’s going to be must see TV if he does.