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2024 NFL Draft Order: Jets own 8th pick after Week 17

The Jets move up a slot in the order after their loss to the Browns.

NFL: NFL Draft Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Entering the final week of the 2023 season, the Jets once again find themselves in the mix for a top ten pick in the NFL Draft. If the season ended after Week 17 (like it did prior to two years ago), the Jets would find themselves with the 8th overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The Jets entered the weekend in the ninth slot. Their loss coupled with the Bears’ win moved them up to eighth.

Entering the final weekend of the season, the Jets could move as high as 5th or as low as 12th. That depends on the outcome of their game against the New England Patriots and other Week 18 action.

Below is the full Draft order heading into the season’s final week. Picks 19-32 will be determined by Playoff results.

  1. Chicago (from Carolina) 2-14
  2. Washington 4-12
  3. New England 4-12
  4. Arizona 4-12
  5. NY Giants 5-11
  6. LA Chargers 5-11
  7. Tennessee 5-11
  8. NY Jets 6-10
  9. Atlanta 7-9
  10. Chicago 7-9
  11. Las Vegas 7-9
  12. Minnesota 7-9
  13. New Orleans 8-8
  14. Denver 8-8
  15. Seattle 8-8
  16. Cincinnati 8-8
  17. Arizona (from Houston) 9-7
  18. Pittsburgh 9-7