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An optimistic stat for Garrett Wilson heading into 2024

We can see just how much quarterback play limited the wide receiver.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Garrett Wilson has been a tremendous Draft success story for the New York Jets his first two seasons in the NFL. He has posted back to back 1,000 yard seasons in less than ideal circumstances.

Hayden Winks of Underdog Fantasy produced a stat that helps to display how less than ideal things have been.

The closer to the bottom a receiver is, the higher the rate of off target passes he has been thrown.

I think we all know Garrett has been dealing with issues at quarterback, but this actually helps to quantify things to a degree.

So does this mean we can pencil in Garrett for 1,500 yards next season once Aaron Rodgers is back? Not exactly. It wouldn’t be outlandish to expect Garrett to post better stats. Still, it is worth remembering that he had the fourth most targets in the league.

My theory is this had a lot to do with the lack of other quality options at the receiver position. Jets quarterbacks had to force feed Garrett the ball because there was nobody else they could trust. Should the team improve the supporting cast, one might guess his target number might go down a bit.

It is entirely possible Garrett’s counting stats stay in the same ballpark while his efficiency goes up. That itself would be a benefit for the Jets offense.