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PFF rates wide receiver Garrett Wilson as having an “average” matchup favorability

Jets wide receivers could be in for a hard day’s night against the Bills

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Syndication: The Record Chris Pedota, / USA TODAY NETWORK

While Pro Football Focus is best known for its grade system, they also provide a ton of other content. One such area of content is their Fantasy Football WR/CB matchup evaluations. Within this, they provide ratings of the “favorability” of matchups in order to help fantasy football players predict which receivers will have big statistical days in a given week.

This week, PFF does not seem to think the New York Jets receivers are primed for major success. Specifically, their most favorable matchup was awarded to wide receiver Garrett Wilson, who only had an “average” matchup rating, meaning that he was evenly matched against the Buffalo Bills secondary. Beyond that, they also gave “below average” ratings to wide receivers Allen Lazard and Mecole Hardman. This implies PFF may think the Jets running backs will need to have some significant success if the Jets offense is to succeed against the Bills.

However, PFF also thinks the Bills wide receivers will struggle against the Jets. Specifically, wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ matchup was rated as being less favorable than average, while wide receivers Gabe Davis and Deonte Hardy were rated as having poor matchups. Notably. this is an even worse evaluation than the Jets receivers were given and could suggest that Monday’s game will be a bit of a low scoring affair due to the quality of each team’s secondary.