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Jets name three captains for the 2023/24 NFL Season

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Jets officially named their team captains yesterday and I don’t think anyone was shocked by the results. Aaron Rodgers was named as the offensive captain, CJ Mosley as the defensive captain and Justin Hardee as the special teams captain.

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The vote was a player-led one and 15 players in total received at least one vote, which probably speaks to the overall leadership within the locker room.

It’s no surprise to see Aaron Rodgers named captain of the offense considering the contributions he’s made to the organisation in such a short period of time. He was voted captain in 12-18 seasons while with the Green Bay Packers, and his experience will be vital as the team embarks on a new season with astronomical expectations.

Rodgers would have already had the respect of the locker room before he stepped foot in 1JD considering his 4 MVP trophies, and the fact he’s taken Green Bay to the playoffs on 11 different occasions, winning one Super Bowl. But the way he’s taken to New York and his new environment, he was always likely to end up a captain.

Saleh added: “Aaron has been fantastic, he really has. He’s been unbelievable with his voice, his messaging, his nurturing of the of the young guys around him.”

This will also be the 4th time that CJ Mosley has been named captain, with the former Baltimore man taking the honour every single year, apart from the COVID-hit 2020 season where he sat out. Having been named the Dennis Byrd Award winner for the Jet's most inspirational player last season, this really isn’t a surprise. He led the team with 158 tackles last year, but its his communication that sets him apart from the rest.

“It means a lot, especially coming from my teammates,” Mosley said. “I don’t take the ‘C’ on my chest lightly. Every year that I come here, I make sure I work to earn that stripe. I make sure I put in the right work ethic and lead by example the right way. Make sure I am doing the right thing by everyone.”

Coming off his first pro-bowl nod, Justin Hardee has been named a team captain for the third time in a row with the Jets. Hardee is an outstanding special teams contributor, not only is he head and shoulders the best ST player on the Jets, he’s one of the very best in the league.

“[Hardee] is a leader,” special teams coordinator Brant Boyer said. “He’s a professional, and if you would ask any coach in our division, any coach that we’ve played, they all say the same thing about the guy. He’s one hell of a player and he’s tough to stop and he always keeps going.”

A massive congratulations to all three.