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From the horse’s mouth: What does Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Willie Gay think of Quarterback Zach Wilson?

Willie Gay sees a team in the Jets that wants to run the ball

Syndication: USA TODAY Danielle Parhizkaran / USA TODAY NETWORK

Long before I was a writer on Gang Green Nation, I was a reader of Gang Green Nation. Why? Because I think (and I imagine many of you think) this site does a really great job of churning out quality articles on the New York Jets.

I say that to say as my segue to say I think this site churns out some of the highest quality football pieces that the internet has to offer (maybe not mine but the other people on this site? Yeesh, those dudes are good). And despite that? Well, as writers, we’re still often guessing. We can say what we see and assume that other teams see it. We can see what “inside sources” say and quote it and guess that it’s true or false. What’s rare is when we get to hear what the opposition actually for certain thinks outside of a carefully manufactured sound bite that uses a lot of words and platitudes but says nothing of substance.

Wednesday, September 27th was one of the rare days that a player slipped up and said something insightful. On that day we got to hear a very blunt take from Kansas City Chief linebacker Willie Gay who realized what he said was a bit outside the company line and then tried to backpedal it... but the message was already loud and clear about how he (and likely the rest of the Chiefs players as they all gameplan as a unit) feel about the New York Jets and quarterback Zach Wilson.

Reporter: “When you look on tape what are you seeing from [quarterback] Zach Wilson and the (Jets) offense?”

Willie Gay: “A team that wants to run the ball, of course man, you know” before cutting himself off and saying “that wasn’t to be funny or anything.”

Honestly, I can’t think of a more disheartening scouting report response about a QB’s play then “his team wants to run the ball.”

For the sake of Jets fans, and for that of Zach Wilson’s career, you have to hope he improves from here. Maybe that starts on Sunday. If it does, it looks like Willie Gay will be as surprised as any of us.