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Jets fans are more concerned about the offensive line than Zach Wilson

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New York Jets Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

It’s time for our weekly check in with SB Nation Reacts. Every week we ask Jets fans their opinions on the team. It’s usually asking them to “react” to what happened the previous week. This site is owned by SB Nation. So it’s called SB Nation reacts. Get it?

The Jets did not have a pretty offensive game Week 2 in Dallas. The offensive line lost consistently. Do Jets fans view that as the weak link on offense, or is Zach Wilson a bigger concern.

We asked your opinion. The result was a landslide.

I tend to agree with this assessment, at least based on the Cowboys game. Zach Wilson threw three interceptions, but all came long after the game was lost. The offensive line played a far bigger role in that defeat.

The defense wasn’t much better. Was it a one time thing or a cause for bigger worry? Fans we asked split almost directly down the middle.

How is overall morale? The confidence level fell over 20 percent from last week.

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