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Highlighting the positives: Which New York Jets offensive players impressed PFF in Week 2?

Taking a look at the best Jets offensive performances against the Dallas Cowboys

NFL: New York Jets at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, I wrote “In week 1 the New York Jets defeated the Buffalo Bills. Because of that, it’s really easy to remember all the great performances by New York Jets players. However, other weeks they’ll lose and there will still be great performances then too.”

If only I realized how soon that statement would come back to haunt me. Not only did the New York Jets get blown out by the Dallas Cowboys in week 2, but their highest overall Pro Football Focus grade was 66.9. For reference, a 66.9 is about the level of play the New York Jets received from wide receiver Corey Davis in 2022... he has since been the talk of “should they just cut him?” for months and retired.

Needless to say, there wasn’t much positive to write about yesterday. Instead, I’ll look through PFF’s more narrow grades and highlight a few guys that had encouraging performances within that scope in 2022.

Running backs Breece Hall and Dalvin Cook

  • PFF pass blocking grade of 76.3 and 75.4 (each had 9 snaps of pass blocking)

While the Jets run game never really got going and the offensive line got regularly dominated, at least our running backs did their part in the pass blocking department.

Wide receiver Randall Cobb

  • PFF run blocking grade of 80.3 (5 snaps)

Obviously wide receivers are paid for their ability to catch the ball. I’ve always appreciated a wide receiver that puts in the effort to block. It’s a small positive in the grand scheme but it’s something.

Left guard Laken Tomlinson

  • Pass blocking grade of 74.6 (36 snaps)

The offensive line was bad. There is really no reason to beat around the bush on that one. Just about everyone stunk as far as I could tell. PFF seems to think that Laken is getting more than his fair share of blame though. For reference, the next highest pass blocking grade was a 53.7 by right guard Alijah Vera-Tucker.

Coming off a particularly bad loss, this article is not nearly as rosy as last week’s. Fingers crossed next week provides some better options.