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Jets fans want an upgrade at quarterback over Zach Wilson

The majority of Jets fan polled say the team should seek a new quarterback

Syndication: USA TODAY Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK / USA TODAY NETWORK

It is time for our weekly check in with SB Nation Reacts. Every week we ask fans of this SB Nation site to react to developments surrounding the Jets. That’s where the name SB Nation Reacts comes from. (Get it?)

It was a surreal week around the New York Jets. The team lost franchise quarterback Aaron Rodgers four plays into the season opener with a season ending injury. The Jets then responded without Rodgers by scoring a thrilling overtime win.

Zach Wilson, the former starting quarterback, is once again the current starting quarterback. Are Jets fans satisfied? According to our poll, the answer is no.

Of course this is far easier said than done. The Jets can seek an upgrade. That doesn’t make it likely to find an upgrade.

The fans we polled certainly seem to feel Wilson could limit the team’s upside. A plurality of voters said they expect 5 to 8 wins if Zach is the quarterback all year. This comes just a week after over 90 percent of Jets fans said they expect the team to finish no worse than second place in the AFC East.

Still overall optimism about the team is high. At least for now the joy of the win seems to override the pain of losing Rodgers.

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