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Jordan Whitehead hit season incentive in one game

Whitehead had three interceptions in Week 1 against the Bills and the Jets safety earned some extra cash.

Syndication: The Record

One of the stars for the New York Jets in their victory over the Buffalo Bills in Week 1 was Jordan Whitehead. The safety intercepted Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen three times. In doing so, Whitehead improbably hit a 2023 contract incentive in a single game.

It isn’t every year you see a player hit a season-long incentive in Week 1.

The Jets signed Whitehead last year from Tampa Bay. His first season with the Jets was uneven and interesting. You would notice plays where Whitehead looked like he was worth every dollar. You would also notice bad plays where he was out of position and beaten.

I think it is fair to say this will probably go down as Whitehead’s best game of 2023. You can’t ever expect three interceptions in a single game. The question is whether this is the start of a big season for the safety or a fleeting moment of greatness.