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Aaron Rodgers fires back at Sean Payton

2012 NFL Honors - Show
Rodgers and Payton in hopper times.
Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Broncos head coach Sean Payton generated headlines this week by criticizing Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett for the work he did last year when he was in charge in Denver. Payton also made remarks overall critical of the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers was not amused by what Payton had to say.

I would have to guess that this whole thing will quickly fade from memories and then reemerge in the lead up to the Week 5 game the teams are scheduled to play on October 8 in Denver.

Training camp drama is frequently manufactured and overhyped. At its best, it can be the type of thing that can bring the team together a bit, especially when it comes outside the organization. Time will tell whether or not this will ultimately be the case. It also could provide the Jets a little extra motivation to work in the week they fly out to Denver to play Payton’s Broncos.