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Huzzah! Aaron Rodgers implies 2023 may not be his only season with New York Jets

Fears of a one and done Rodgers may be overblown

NFL: New York Jets-Aaron Rodgers Press Conference Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

After months of speculation and rumors, the New York Jets finally acquired Quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers in the days leading up to the draft in April. In exchange for Rodgers, the New York Jets sent a 2023 second round pick, a 2023 6th round pick, and a 2024 conditional pick that will be either a first or second rounder. The two teams also agreed to swap 2023 first round picks with the Jets moving back two spots from 13 to 15.

Needless to say, that’s a pretty large amount of draft capital, but the Jets also received a QB who is only a year removed from an MVP award. For many, (including myself) the cost was not palatable, in large part because of the uncertainty around how long Aaron Rodgers would continue to play, which was exacerbated by Rodgers’ himself saying that he was “90% retired” at the beginning of this offseason.

However, things change (maybe especially so after you spend three days in a completely dark room with your own thoughts), and Rodgers’ thoughts on retirement seems to be one of them.

While nothing is ironclad and Rodgers could always change his mind, he does appear to have given the Jets some inkling he would stick around beyond this season, elongating their championship window (especially if he returns to MVP form). While this was often speculated, this is the first public confirmation of the speculation from the man himself. While not said by Rodgers, word around the NFL seems to be that he will play two or three years (although based on Rodgers’ comments that timeline may be altered if the Jets can win the Super Bowl before then), giving the Jets a decent sized window to bring a second Lombardi Trophy to the franchise.