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Jets training camp news and discussion 7/21

New York Jets Training Camp Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Jets are back on the practice field today for their second practice of training camp in 2023.

The focus for the Jets is all on the new quarterback, a guy you might know who goes by the name Aaron Rodgers. Thursday’s initial practice sounded relatively uneventful. Of course this is just practice. In the absence of real games, it is the only thing for us to pay attention to at the moment. The Jets are focused on preparation for the season and installing a new system on offense. The actual outcome of these practices is not particularly important. Being ready for the season is the ultimate goal.

As we prepare for another day at practice, the GGN Twitter widget is once again hard at work to provide updates. Unfortunately as was the case yesterday, Elon Musk’s incompetence is currently preventing us from embedded the widget directly on the site. While we axiously wait for Mr. Musk to competent it up, I will provide you with a link to the widget for updates below

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