One of the reasons that the Jets traded their 2024 1st round pick for Rodgers

The Jets 2024 cap is currently projected to be -74.3 million. It is fixable if Rodgers fixes his deal for 2024 which has a 107.6 million cap hit for 2024. The cap would also have to be solved with cutting players which a few unnecessary players that cost the Jets money like Uzomah, Tomlinson, and etc. Even after these moves, the Jets are barely any cap space. The cap hit of the 2024 draft class would not change the cap space after the draft since the top 51 players count which currently has the bottom cap hit in 2024 at 916,666.

2023 2nd round pick Tippmann cap hit in year 1 is 1.5 million.

2022 3rd round pick Ruckett cap hit in year 1 was 917,255.

2023 4th round pick Carter Warren cap in year 1 is 936.080.

In other words, the cap number would not shift at all even after the current projected 7 draft picks.

Draft pick breakdown at the moment

2nd round

Jets original pick

3rd round

Jets original pick

4th round

Jets original pick and Broncos 4th round pick via Jacob Martin trade

6th round

Jets original pick and a comp 6th round pick from losing Herbig

7th round

a 7th round Comp pick from losing Feeney

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