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Time Ticking on Quinnen Williams extension

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In exactly one week the Jets will return to 1JD to start their preparation for what we all hope will be a championship run, but not all players are guaranteed to be in attendance.

Star defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is coming off a career year having recorded 55 tackles and 12 sacks, understandably he wants to be compensated in a way that reflects his performance on the field.

When the team broke up, Williams confirmed that he would skill all voluntary workouts and he's stayed true to his word. Not even the allure of getting to meet new QB Aaron Rodgers was enough to draw him to the facility during OTA’s.

The expectation was that the contract extension would be completed long before training camp arrived. But here we are, 7 days away, and no contract extension.

Today we finally got official confirmation for the worst-kept secret in the NFL, the Jets will appear on NFL’s training camp documentary series Hard Knocks...which presents a certain challenge.

The Jets like to control the narrative, as all good teams do. With HBO cameras around, they may not be afforded that opportunity, and if Quinnen stays away, you can be sure that HBO will go digging.

The contract market for the top defensive tackles has been set, in fact, it’s been set for a very long time.

Washington signed Daron Payne to a 4-year $90 million contract ($22.5M AAV), and the Titans signed Jeffery Simmons to a 4-year $94 million contract ($23.5M AAV).

Quinnen Williams will likely want to eclipse both of those deals, but a deal between $23.5 million and $25.5 million AAV should get the deal over the line.

There have been unsubstantiated reports that the delay is based purely on the number of years, some others have indicated that the Jets may be waiting to sort out Aaron Rodgers's contract before deciding on the structure for Williams.

Whatever the delay, the Jets have around a week to push this through or risk this contract situation becoming a distraction with the HBO cameras rolling.