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Report shows Jets lost $4 million due to empty seats in 2023

The Jets had a bunch of empty seats in their stadium, and it cost them some cash.

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

According to a new report by, the New York Jets lost over $4 million in revenue last year due to empty seats.

The report, which used the cheapest ticket price found online, and multiplied it by the average number of empty seats per game found that the Jets lost the 9th most revenue in all of football with an average of 4,491 seats unoccupied on game day.

You can point your finger at a number of reasons for that ranging from the PSL situation to the product on the field, but with Aaron Rodgers now in the building that empty seat number is expected to drop rapidly.

On average the Jets lost just over $500k of revenue per game according to this report, which won’t impress the Johnsons.

However, the data showed that the Green Bay Packers were the worst-hit team in 2022, with close to $10 million worth of lost revenue based on 5,261 empty seats on average per home game.

The Buffalo Bills were just behind the Jets with $3.7 million in lost revenue, the New England Patriots were at 26th with just over $250k of lost revenue and the Miami Dolphins were all the way down at 31st with just $83.6k of lost revenue.

Empty seats is one thing, but making sure the seats are filled with Jets fans is another. Again, that comes down to the extremely controversial PSL’s, but that’s a story for another day.