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New York Jets and CJ Mosley have discussed contract restructuring

The Jets continue to work to free up cap space

NFL: Pro Bowl Games-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In recent months, the New York Jets have restructured the contracts of players such as cornerback D.J. Reed and tight end Tyler Conklin to accommodate the salaries of this season’s newly acquired players.

However, it appears that more may be on the way to allow the Jets the financial flexibility needed to best compete in 2023. One particular contract that appears to be worth monitoring is that of linebacker C.J. Mosley. As written by Andy Vazquez of

With veteran linebacker C.J. Mosley set to count $21.5 million against the Jets’ salary cap this season, it’s long been expected the team will try to get him to renegotiate and take a pay cut. Mosley, who made the Pro Bowl last year, confirmed the Jets and his agent have had discussions but said that his contract isn’t a concern to him and that he’s focused on getting ready for the season. It’s something to watch because the Jets will likely need to rework Mosley’s contract and Corey Davis’ contract if they want to add any other significant players.

Importantly, restructuring Mosley is likely to only further add to the existing “dead cap” ramifications in future seasons, which already exceeds 200 million in the 2024 season per Spotrac. While such restructurings are necessary to maximize the Jets’ Super Bowl odds in 2023, there is a fine line between “aggressive” and “stupid” within the context of maximizing 2023 and hindering the seasons that come. For Jets fans, we can only hope the Jets are prepared to adequately toe that line.