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Report: Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams seeking 25-30 million per year

Will the Jets re-sign their All Pro defensive tackle?

NFL: London Games-New York Jets Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off his first All Pro nod, New York Jets defensive tackle Quinnen Williams is seeking a new contract as his rookie deal enters its final year. Of note, several other defensive tackles, including Tennessee Titan Jeffrey Simmons (4 years, 94 million, 59.3 million guaranteed) and New York Giant Dexter Lawrence (4 years, 87.5 million, 60 million guaranteed) recently signed new deals, setting a market for the Jets’ budding superstar.

In line with these figures and the general bump that the “next” guy to sign typically gets, Quinnen Williams is reportedly seeking a deal in the range of 25-30 million dollars. I would assume the average annual salary will range based on the amount of guaranteed money such that more guaranteed money means less potential upside and less guaranteed money means more potential upside.

Overall, this ask seems to be in line with the market, especially given that Williams comes with a higher draft pedigree (taken 3rd overall compared to taken 17th and 19th for Lawrence and Simmons, respectively) and is coming off an all-pro nod.

With that said, just because a player “deserves” a given amount does not mean that it is in the best interest of the team to give them that amount. Indeed, every dollar of cap space put towards Quinnen is a dollar that cannot be allocated to someone else. Personally, I would pay Quinnen, as I view him as an elite player and I think elite players are what separates good and bad teams. With that said, would you pay Quinnen this amount?


Would you pay Quinnen Williams his reported asking price? (For the sake of argument, assume a 4 year contract with 60 million guaranteed regardless of the average pay per year)

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  • 10%
    No, I would not pay him 25 million per year or more
    (164 votes)
  • 46%
    Yes, but I would only go as high as 25 million per year
    (722 votes)
  • 31%
    Yes, but I would only go as high as 27.5 million per year
    (496 votes)
  • 8%
    Yes, but I would only go as high as 30 million per year
    (128 votes)
  • 3%
    Yes, and I would go over 30 million per year if I had to
    (58 votes)
1568 votes total Vote Now