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Robert Saleh confirms Corey Davis will stay with Jets in 2023

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend the Jets are conducting their rookie minicamp at the team facility. Most of the attention is on the top picks, while a number of players are on try outs trying to earn a contract. Head coach Robert Saleh generated some attention when he spoke about a veteran player on Friday.

Davis’ status with the team has been an open question. The Jets have signed three veteran receivers this offseason to go behind Garrett Wilson. Davis’ cap number is $11.1 million for 2023, and cutting him would leave the Jets with less than $1 million in dead money, a benefit to a cap strapped team.

However, the Jets will retain the veteran receiver. This move makes sense as a strong argument can be made that Davis remains the second best receiver on the roster even after the other additions.

Now we will wait to see whether the Jets seek any sort of restructure, which would push some of Davis’ $11.1 million cap hit to future seasons.