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2023 NFL schedule release: Jets schedule rumors and leaks

The full New York Jets 2023 schedule will be released Thursday night.

NFL: New York Jets-Aaron Rodgers Press Conference Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports


The full Jets schedule will be officially unveiled tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern. Some of the schedule has already been unveiled through official league channels and unofficial leaks from journalists. This will undoubtedly continue through the day.

Each year there are teams whose entire schedule is leaked before the official unveiling. By the time 8:00 pm rolls around, we might have the full 17 game slate for the 2023 Jets. Reporters for other teams are a good source of information as they tell us when the team they cover will face the Jets.

Here is what we know so far.

Week 1: Hosting the Bills on Monday Night Football (8:15 pm Eastern, ESPN)

Week 2: at Cowboys

Week 3: Hosting the Patriots

Week 4: Hosting the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football (8:15 pm Eastern; NBC)

Week 6: Hosting the Eagles

Week 8: “at” Giants October 28 (1:00 pm Eastern)

Week 9: Hosting the Chargers on Monday Night Football


Week 12: Hosting the Dolphins on Black Friday (3:00 pm Eastern; Amazon Prime)

Week 16: Hosting the Commanders on Christmas Eve (1:00 pm Eastern)

Week 18: at Patriots