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Joe Douglas Says: ‘He’s gonna be here’ When asked about Aaron Rodgers

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Aaron Rodgers negotiations continue to roll on, but Joe Douglas is confident that the veteran Packers QB will be making his way to New York.

Speaking at a WFAN Sports event on Friday, Joe Douglas was asked point-blank about Rodgers, and his response will settle the nerves of even the most pessimistic of Jets fans, he simply replied “He’s gonna be here”

It’s been several weeks now since Aaron Rodgers confirmed his “intention” to play for the Jets this season, and some rumors circulated early last week linking the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots with Rodgers, but those rumors seem to have absolutely no reliable source and instead seem a last-ditch attempt by Green Bay to create leverage.

Jeremy Fowler appeared on SportsCenter yesterday and confirmed the majority of the deal is done:

“A lot of this deal, I’m told, remains pretty much done,” Fowler said.

“They’re close, just they have some of those draft compensation considerations that they have to shake out. Most people I talked to around the league believe closer to the draft, maybe even on day one, when teams are getting on the clock pretty soon that this will shake out. But I’m told the Jets have been planning with their draft prep to have their No. 13 overall pick. That’s not a major consideration to have to give up to the Packers in a trade.”

Rodgers will eventually be a Jet, of that we have little doubt. The only question that remains is the compensation.

The latest reports indicate the Jets want some protection in 2025 if Rodgers decides to retire, and the Packers want a guaranteed first-round pick with no clauses attached. Sooner or later those details will be ironed out and a compromise met.

The Jets won’t be sending that #13 pick in the deal as Fowler confirms, and I’d be surprised if they send any first-round picks that don’t have qualifiers attached, it could be that the compromise to the deal is the Packers stop asking for that guaranteed first and in return, the Jets drop the 2025 compensation coming back as retirement protection, or at least drop the value of it.

Joe Douglas is a good GM, he wouldn’t make a bold proclamation as he did on Friday night if he wasn’t confident the deal was close, even if he’d had a few too many tequilas and will likely be waking up with a bit of a sore head.