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The 2023 AGOP Champion

Super Bowl LVII - Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The contestants in the 2023 AGOP contest have submitted their entries. The entries have been reviewed. You all have voted. And in a close vote, you have named our 2023 AGOP champion. That champion is ProfScorpio, squeaking out a victory over five other worthy contestants. Take a bow ProfScorpio, for a tight victory well earned. Contact me at to claim your prize.

Now, without further ado, we present the 2023 AGOP championship entry.


AGOP: Please HELP I’m Addicted to my Beloved J.E.T.S.

Hi All,

No time to do this , so let’s get to it.

For the last few days I had my assistant Joe D manage some minor moves. So far he’s done the following:


Braxton Barios


Acquired S - Chuck Clark for a 2024 conditional 7th round pick 3 yrs, $15.3M, $5.12M Avg per year, $10M GTD,


WR - Allen Lazard (27.2), 4 yrs, $44M Total, $11M AVG per year; $22M GTD, 2023 Cap hit $3.3M

G - Wes Schweitzer (29.5) 2 yrs, $5M Total, $2.5M AVG per year, $3.2 GTD, 20023 Cap hit $1.6M

K - Greg (the Leg) Zuerlein (35.2), 1 yr $2.6M

DT - Solomon Thomas (27.5), 1 yr $2.4M

P - Thomas Morstead (37)

C - Trystan Colon-Castillo (24.9)

FB - Nick Bowden (26.7)

Now it’s time for me to enter the room and take control.

1st - I call GB GM Brian Gutekunst. I tell him to stop messing around (I don’t actually say ‘messing’), & I get this trade done.

Jets give up 2023 1st round pick (#13), 3rd round pick (#74), a conditional 2024 pick & WR Corey Davis

Jets acquire Aaron (misspelled last name) Rodgers & GB Packers 2023 1st round pick (#15). GB pays $30M ARod 2023 salary.

Conditions for 2024 pick - Jets make playoffs, GB gets a 4th round pick, Jets make conference championship, GB gets 3rd round, Jets make SB - GB gets 2nd round, if ARod is on the roster the 1st day of the 2024 new league, year each of those conditions increases by 1 round.

(Recap Jets get ARod for a 2023 3rd, a conditional 2024 pick, Corey Davis and a swap or 2023 1st round picks (13 for 15))

ARods deal is reworked for 4 years (with 2 void years at the end) for a $15m cap hit in 2023 with $15M more guarantee in 2024 (GB also pays him $30 Mil)

Now back to work:


Jordan Whitehead (Need that cap $$ back)

Ashtyn Davis (Hope he makes it to the practice squad, but he doesn’t)


DE - Carl Lawson, 3 Yr, $9M Avg, 19 Gtd, $27M Total, 2023 cap hit 6Mil (Joe D Special)


Quinnen $4 years, $23.5M Avg, $60M Gtd, Total $94Mil Total , 2023 cap Hit $6.5Mil

Bryce Huff 3 year $4.5 Mil Avg $4.5 Mil, $6Mil Gtd, $13.5Mil Total, 2023 cap hit $2.5 Mil

Sign Free Agents:

C - Ben Jones, 3 year, $5.5M Avg, 12 GTD, $16.5M Total, 2023 cap hit $3mil

LB - Drue Tranquil (A real cool dude) 3 yr. $6.5M Avg, 13.5 GTD, 19.5 total, 2023 cap hit $3.5M

S - Taylor Rapp 3 Yr, $5M Avg, 10.25 GTD, $15M Total, 2023 cap hit $3M

DT - A’Shawn Robinson, 2 Yr, $3M Avg, $4m GTD, Total $6M, 2023 cap hit $1.2M


(You might not like this, but since I don’t watch college football I used the PFF simulator - 1 try)

Pick 15 T - Peter Skoronki is on the board. I know this is unlikely, but he’s here on my 1 simulator try, so I pick him. Grade A+

Pick 43 C - Luke Wypler - Grade D- (HARSH)

Pick 112 LB - Dorian Williams - Grade B-

Pick 143 DI - Moro Ojomo - Grade B+

Pick 207 S - Gervarrius Owens - Grade C+

Overall Draft Grade B+

OH NO Mariotta is gone and Jets need a backup QB, & NO ONE is left. Crappola!!!

Sign: QB - Carson Wentz 2 year, $3M avg., $2.5M Gtd, Total $6M. SMH

Need 1 more player.

Reluctantly restructure CJ. Add 2 years, add more guaranteed $$, get 6 Mil in space and reduce this year cap hit to $3M

With that $6Mil Sign OBJ to 1 year (prove it deal) $6Mil with $3Mil more in incentives.

Okay Final Roster

QB - Aaron Rodgers, Carsen Wentz, Zach Wilson

RB - Breece Hall, Zonovan Knight, Michal Carter

WR - Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, Denzel Mimms

WR - OBJ, Allen Lazard,

TE - Tyler Conklin, CJ Uzomah, Jeremy Ruckert

FB - Nick Bawden

LT - Mekhi Becton, Duane Brown

LG - Laken Tomlinson, Wes Schweitzer

C - Ben Jones, Luke Wypler

RG - Alijah Vera-Tucker, Tystan Colon

RT - Peter Skoronki, Max Mitchell

LDE - Carl Lawson, Michael Clemmons

LDT - John Franklin-Myers, A’Shawn Robinson, Moro Ojomo

RDT Quinnen Williams, Solomon Thomas,

RDE - Jermaine Johnson, Bryce Huff

WLB - Drue Tranquil, Jamien Sherwood

MLB - C.J. Mosley, Dorian Williams

SLB - Quincy Williams, Hamsah Nasrildeen

LCB - Sauce Gardner, Bryce Hall

RCB - D.J. Reed, Brandin Echols

SCB - Michael Carter II, Justin Hardy

SS - Chuck Clark, Gervarrius Owens

FS - Taylor Rapp, Tony Adams

PK - Greg Zuerlein

P - Thomas Morstead

PR - Elijah Moore

KR - Zonovan Knight

LS - Thomas Hennessy

IJDWT - In Joe D we Trust (Now deliver us AARon)

I truly hope you enjoy the read. Have a fulfilling Day.