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Jets Re-Sign OT Cedric Ogbuehi

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

The New York Jets announced the re-signing of former Bengals first-round pick Cedric Ogbuehi last night.

As we continue to wait for the Aaron Rodgers saga to come to an end, the Jets continue to build some resemblance of depth on the offensive line.

The Jets signed Ogbuehi last year after suffering a number of injuries on the offensive line and he actually proved to be a relatively effective backup.

He allowed 1 sack in 286 snaps last year (176 pass-block snaps) across 5 games played at right tackle. He did allow 14 pressures and was graded poorly in the run game, but as far as low-cost backups go, I have no problem with this.

I’m sure the Jets are hoping that Cedric never has to see the field in a game next year, but if he does they know he can at least hold the fort in the short-term.

The Jets are a long way away from having a championship-caliber offensive line, with no starting center currently on the roster (at least one you’d put a lot of faith in) and several question marks at both tackle positions.