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Quinnen Williams absent from the start of Jets offseason program

The Jets and Williams are at an impasse in contract negotiations.

Cincinnati Bengals v New York Jets Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The New York Jets offseason program gets underway this week, but there is one notable absence. The best player on the team, Quinnen Williams, is not in attendance as he seeks a new contract.

If you follow NFL contract negotiations, you will recognize that this is not an unusual situation. Skipping the voluntary portion of the offseason program is one of the few tools at players’ disposal to express their discontent. Williams’ absence will create some unpleasant headlines and force players and coaches to answer some unpleasant questions in the short run. If Williams and the Jets do reach a long-term extension this offseason, however, this will all be long forgotten by the time the season begins.

My view is a long-term extension for Williams should be a top priority for the Jets before the offseason runs out.

How much will this situation impact the team? I tend to doubt it will. Williams knows how to prepare for the season and doesn’t need extra drills on technique. Players who do are the ones I worry about missing the offseason program. If anything, Williams’ absence might have a small benefit by getting extra practice reps for one of those players who needs them.