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Adam Schefter on Aaron Rodgers Negotiation: “Both sides now appear to be dug in”

The Aaron Rodgers trade between the Packers and Jets seems deadlocked.

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC at AFC Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another Aaron Rodgers report.

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter: “Both sides now appear to be dug in...My understanding is there hasn’t been a whole lot of conversation, if any, over the last couple of weeks.”

Understandably this sent a few alarm bells ringing in the social media world, with Schefter later saying: “Amazingly if the two sides can’t figure out a deal by the time the draft comes...Aaron Rodgers will then have a decision to make whether or not to show up to the Packers mandatory minicamp in May”

We’re a long way off from this coming to fruition and I think it’s still reasonable to expect a deal to be done either before or during the draft. It makes too much sense to not do a deal, for both parties.

We’ve spoken at length about leverage over the last month, but right now there is no pressure to get a deal done for either side. When the draft approaches and draft compensation is on the line, I’d expect the deal to get done.

I would also say that the national media have been all over the place with this deal. We know Aaron Rodgers isn’t speaking to someone like Schefter, we know the Jets aren’t speaking to someone like Schefter, that only leaves one camp.

We need to stay patient and let this play out. If we make both picks in the second round come draft day, then I’ll start to get at least a little nervous.