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Tennessee Titans extend defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons: Relevance for Jets and Quinnen Williams

NFL: New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week the Tennessee Titans and Pro Bowl defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons agreed to a four-year, 94 million dollar contract, which may have relevance for the negotiations between the New York and all pro defensive tackle Quinnen Williams.

More specifically, Simmons signed the largest non-Aaron Donald contract for a defensive tackle in terms of both average salary (23.5 million per year) and maximum amount (94 million). Given Quinnen Williams is arguably the best non-Aaron Donald defensive tackle in the sport, these are figures his agent will likely aim to match and/or exceed within Quinnen’s eventual deal. In further support for the likely use of the Simmons’ contract as a newly established “low-end bar” for Williams’ deal, Williams outperformed Simmons in 2022 according to all pro voters (Quinnen was an all pro while Simmons was not) and ProFootballFocus graders (overall grade of 90.1 for Williams and 81.1 for Simmons).

Putting the pieces together from their respective performances and the contract Simmons signed, it seems plausible that we might see Quinnen Williams break the 25 million per year and 100 million total thresholds on his eventual deal.

But what do you think? What would you be willing to pay Quinnen Williams on his next contract?