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Podcast: A Very Aaron Rodgers Mailbag

Syndication: The Post-Crescent Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin / USA TODAY NETWORK

Today we have our weekly podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who sent in questions. A mailbag can’t happen without the mailbag questions you provide. If your question went unanswered, feel free to resubmit it for a future episode.

It should come as no surprise, but this mailbag is full of questions about the quarterback position. Should the Jets prioritize Aaron Rodgers or Lamar Jackson? They’re leaning toward Aaron. I say Lamar. I will explain why. We also discuss whether Rodgers could lift up some of the other skill players on the roster and the impact he could have on the job security of Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas. Some of our questions are actually not about Rodgers believe it or not. Some deal with the center position, the salary cap, and other topics.

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