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Aaron Rodgers, Jets met face to face Tuesday

Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

After initiating conversation with Aaron Rodgers about a potential trade on Monday, the Jets took things a step further on Tuesday as key members of the coaching staff and front office went to California to meet face to face with the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

And because it is the year 2023, we actually have people to track when a private plane leaves a location.

Now we play the waiting game. The ball is in Rodgers’ court. We have no idea how far along he was in his process. It stands to reason he wanted to meet the key members of the Jets before making such a big decision.

Was he far along in the process and just confirming the Jets were right for him? Was this just a first discussion? This is anybody’s guess. We are left to speculate, and there will be ample speculation until this Rodgers matter is resolved.