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Former San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo bumped to Plan B

The Jets are all-in on Aaron Rodgers at quarterback right now, but Jimmy Garoppolo is still a 2023 free-agency target.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were dealt a blow earlier this week with the announcement that Derek Carr was joining the New Orleans Saints.

Shortly following that announcement, Dianna Russini had a note on Jimmy Garoppolo and the Jets that was largely lost in the noise of the day.

Teams will often try and control narratives by leaking bits and pieces to the media, and this to me looked like an obvious attempt to push some messaging through just in case things went south with Aaron Rodgers.

According to an ESPN article, discussions between the Jets and Rodgers were set to continue Tuesday. Ian Rapoport confirmed that the Jets had been given permission by the Packers to talk to Rodgers, meaning there is a clear and obvious willingness on their part to make a deal.

Although we can’t confirm that the Jets and Packers have agreed to trade compensation, teams rarely give other teams permission to talk to their player without at least scoping out the parameters of any potential deal.

ESPN confirmed that Aaron Rodgers had still not decided if he wants to play this year

Rodgers still has not made any announcements about what he intends to do this season. It’s still possible he decides to retire, or to stay in Green Bay. But if he still wants to play and he and the Packers agree it’s time for him to play somewhere else, the Jets appear to be a realistic option.

If Rodgers does decide to either retire or take his talents elsewhere, you’ll see a lot of pro-Jimmy G reports leaking out from 1JD, about how coaches believed in him all along, etc.

Nobody wants to feel second best, Derek Carr certainly didn’ I’m not sure how Jimmy would feel being third best, but the Jets hope it doesn’t get to that point.