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Jets miss out on Derek Carr as veteran quarterback signs with the Saints

New England Patriots v Las Vegas Raiders Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

The Jets were interested in veteran free agent quarterback Derek Carr. Carr visited the team facility a couple of weekends ago. He met with the Jets at the NFL Scouting Combine. Over the weekend there was buzz that the Jets had an edge.

It was not meant to be, however. The former Raiders quarterback is heading to New Orleans after reaching a deal to sign with the Saints.

It sounds like the Jets’ focus was elsewhere, which led them to miss out on Carr.

A generous description of this strategy is “risky.” A less generous description would be “reckless.”

In any event, it sounds like the Jets are now full speed ahead in trying to land Aaron Rodgers. The timeframe for this is unclear, but the Jets seem ready to wait as long as it could potentially take. There are no secondary options as good as Carr out there. If the Jets were willing to let him go, it stands to reason they will be as patient as they need to be.