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Podcast: The Saleh Offseason Plan

NFL: New York Jets at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I stopped posting podcast episodes here a while back because I figured listeners were getting them off some other source. I got a few requests to start putting them up again just to make them easier to find so I’ll return to posting the episodes going forward.

Yesterday Jets head coach Robert Saleh addressed the media. His normal Combine press conference was delayed apparently because he was sick earlier in the week and did not travel to Indianapolis. Rare for an offseason press conference, Saleh actually provided a degree of insight on the Jets’ offseason plans. Maybe I need to retract my call from earlier in the week to get rid of these pre-offseason pressers.

On today’s show I discuss some of the key takeaways from Saleh’s comments, namely the focus of the cap space, the handling of the quarterback position, and the composition of the coaching staff.

Thanks for listening/watching.