2023 GGN Mock Draft Discussion Thread

Welcome to the 2023 GGN Mock Draft Discussion thread.

The purpose of this thread is to discuss all things regarding the 2023 GGN Mock Draft. All are welcome to comment here, not just the GGN members running one of the 32 NFL teams in the mock draft.

One thing you don't do on this thread is make your draft picks. That, and only that, belongs on the front page article designated for that purpose, cleverly named The 2023 GGN Mock Draft Selection Thread. The Selection Thread will be posted on the front page on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 9 A.M. EDT. Make your picks there, not here.

Here you can discuss possible trades, talk trash, critique others' draft picks, talk more trash, critique Smackdad, talk more trash, and generally talk about anything related to the GGN Mock Draft, or anything else, as long as you keep to site guidelines. You can also talk about your draft picks here, but you MUST make said draft picks on the front page Selection Thread article.

PLEASE NOTE: ALL TRADES, ONCE AGREED UPON, SHOULD BE E-MAILED TO This is the only way to make sure your trade is properly reflected in the draft.

This thread will be replaced as needed as the comments become so numerous as to become unwieldy.

Please rec this Fanpost so that it goes on the recommended list of the Fanpost section, keeping it prominent and easy to find for all.

So have at it. Let the madness begin. The 2023 GGN Mock Draft Discussion starts now.

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