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Jets confirm they are not going to pivot to Lamar Jackson

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

The big news across the NFL deals with Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson who has officially asked for a trade.

The Jets are in their own trade negotiations for a big name quarterback. That quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. Currently the deal seems to be stalled. Could the Jets turn to Jackson if for no other reason than to give themselves a Plan B? Apparently the answer is no.

It is a bit surprising to see Douglas be so transparent. With negotiations seemingly stuck at the moment, the Jets might have at least feigned interest in Jackson to try and get the Packers to budge off their demands.

Of course since the Jets have dismissed any option other than Rodgers since the offseason began, it might have been difficult to believe anyway.

It also is possible with most of the key decision makers in the league convened at the owners meetings the Jets and Packers are going to talk to finally get this deal done.