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Reviewing the trade charts: How much did the Jets get for Elijah Moore?

NFL: Detroit Lions at New York Jets Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a controversial 2nd season, the New York Jets traded wide receiver Elijah Moore to the Cleveland Browns. This punctuated the steep fall from grace Moore has had since last offseason when he seemed to have a clear inside track to be a featured part of the team’s offense and long-term plans.

While many have focused on the 42nd overall pick the Jets acquired for Moore, this ignores the additional value of the 74th overall pick the Jets also sent to Cleveland.

Importantly, the value difference between the 42nd and 74th pick is not necessarily consist, as demonstrated by 247sports writer Jack Duffin:

While either value is less than the Jets would likely have traded Moore for a year ago, it can be argued they still received a day 2 pick’s worth of value for Moore. For those that opt to follow the Jimmy Johnson trade chart, this is potentially fair value for a receiver coming off what can be kindly described as an “underwhelming” second year. For those who prefer the Fitzgerald-Spielberger draft values, the return on Moore is likely underwhelming.

But what do you think? Did the Jets get fair value for Moore?