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Jets trading Elijah Moore and pick 74 to Browns for pick 42

Syndication: The Record Danielle Parhizkaran/ / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jets are trading wide receiver Elijah Moore along with their third round pick to the Cleveland Browns for their second round pick according to Ian Rapoport.

Moore failed to build on a promising rookie season. In fact, his second season was a disaster. It included a trade request in October which came after a Jets win. Moore was upset he was not involved in the game plan against the Packers. The outburst understandably irritated many fans, particularly since it came from a game the Jets won.

Moore had a few brief flashes through the rest of the season, but his production was completely underwhelming.

Having been through so many seemingly promising young players whose careers went sideways in recent years, I appreciate the Jets promptly admitting a mistake and trading Moore while he still has value. The return, moving up 32 slots, seems like a very solid package to me.

Of course the Jets adding an extra second rounder likely will lead to speculation about an upcoming trade for Aaron Rodgers. That pick could help facilitate a deal.