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Understanding Wide Receiver Garrett Wilson’s 2022 Route Tree

Syndication: The Enquirer Sam Greene/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK

New York Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson had a great rookie year accumulating 1,103 receiving yards on 83 receptions for 4 touchdowns and winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. The hope for Jets fans is that Wilson takes another step forward in 2023 with many mentioning the possibility of improvement coming simply by the arrival of a more effective quarterback. However, there is also room for Garrett to improve his own game, as shown by his ‘Reception Perception’ profile as created by Yahoo Sports Writer Matt Harmon:

In terms of interpretation, you can treat the green arrows as higher than expected (the average) and red arrows as lower than expected. As shown by the left figure (success by route), Wilson was better than expected on the majority of routes even as a rookie. Notably, and perhaps a trend worth following, Garrett’s routes that break towards the sideline (corner and out) appear to be less refined relative to his peers than are his routes that break towards the middle of the field; this positions his out-breaking routes as a potential area of improvement for his 2023 profile.

Additionally, from a scheme perspective, new offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett may be rewarded if he allows to Garrett to run more slants than did former offensive coordinator Mike LeFleur (shown by right figure) given Wilson’s high success rate and low utilization on those routes last season.

But what do you think? Does anything about these two figures jump out to you?