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Seemingly only source for Aaron Rodgers trade news, Trey Wingo, provides update

NFL: Super Bowl XLVII-Radio Row Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Many words have been published about (technically current?) Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his thought process over the past few months. However, it is becoming increasingly clear there may be only one national media member with whom Rodgers is willing to share information: former NFL Live host Trey Wingo.

Importantly, Wingo has had information significantly before other media personalities as it relates to Rodgers, including both his meeting with the New York Jets in California and his decision to approve a trade to the New York Jets. Because of this, his updates on Rodgers should be given a bit more credibility than others.

On Thursday, Wingo provided another update on the “is he going to New York? is he not?” saga of Aaron Rodgers as shown secondhand within by a tweet from uStadium:

Trey Wingo talking @AaronRodgers12 on @CBSSportsRadio

Asked about the compensation: “I would be surprised if it’s a 1 or more than a 1.”

How long might it take: “It’s going to be faster than you think. The same sources were telling me Aaron is going to be in New York next week.”

When asked about the #Packers having leverage: “That leverage comes with a cost. Not getting picks you can use in this years draft to make your team better. How much of a distraction do you want Rodgers to become. If your the Packers you can say you can drag this out as long as you want but I don’t see how that helps you in the long run.”

While this hardly provides a confirmation of the trade going through or the attached compensation, it is worth noting Wingo (perhaps via Rodgers) has reason to think this trade will be going through at a cost lesser than a first rounder.