AGOP: Nice Try, Lose My Number

What’s up Gang Green Nation. If you’re anything like me, AGOP season is the best season, well because the Jets don’t do a whole lot of winning on the field. I think we have a really good core of young players. I think this is a group of players who are built to win, and will benefit from the Jets taking an aggressive approach to build a consistent winner. I use for the salary cap, and a combination of several mock draft sites for where certain players will fall, along with trade values. So here’s my attempt at the AGOP:

Starting Salary Cap:

$11.6 mil

Cuts (Cap Savings):

Justin Hardee ($2.3 mil)

Braxton Berrios ($5 mil)

Corey Davis ($10.5 mil)

Ashtyn Davis ($2.7 mil)

Restructures (Cap Savings)

Carl Lawson ($7 mil)- I think it would be really smart to add a few extra millions in cap space with Lawson. He’s a good but not great player. He’s also playing a very important position for this defense. This seems like a no brainer move to me.

Laken Tomlinson ($6 mil)- I think this is a contract you’re just hoping the player bounces back in 2023 and last year was a blip.


Quinnen Williams, 6 years, $95 mil cap savings of $3 mil in 2023- When you have the premier DT in the league, on a team that values the position, you don’t let him walk out of the door. He is the identity of the defense. A record breaking signing bonus lowers his cap this year.


Aaron Rodgers and $10 mil in cap relief in 2025 and 2026 if Rodgers retires to the Packers for Pick 74, 2024 conditional 2nd round pick, and Bryce Hall. The Packers signed Rodgers to a terrible deal. If they want a first round pick, it’ll have to come with conditions. That will have to come in 2024. $15 mil cap hit this year

Pick 13 to Pittsburgh for pick 17 and 80- Pittsburgh moves up to select Broderick Jones to solidify their offense line and protect their young QB.

New Cap $33.1 Mil

Free Agents(cap hit):

Allen Lazard 4 years, $44 mil ($7 mil)- I stole this one from the already established deal. I think Lazard is a fine player. He’s a fit. He’s a guy Rodgers wants and likes.

Ben Jones, C, 3 years, $19 mil ($5 mil) after losing McGovern, I think the Jets need to get Jones. He’s a reliable Center with familiarity with some of our staff.

Jamal Williams, RB 3 years, $12 mil ($3 mil)- the Jets really struggled in short yardage and big plays. Williams is reliable in the run and pass. Breece is amazing. His health is a big question. The Jets need a little insurance here.

Odell Beckham JR, WR 3 years, $28 mil ($6 mil)- Beckham is a guy I’ve wanted here for a while. I think him wanting a ton of money is admirable. It’ll come with conditions. No better way to get those conditions paired with Lazard and Wilson. A huge upgrade over Eiljah Moore here.

Cody Ford, OG 1 year, $1 mil ($1 mil)- this is going way back to my dear evaluation of Ford. He’s had a rough career but maybe a better system will help.

New Cap $11.1 mil

Round 1, Pick 18- Anton Harris, OT, Oklahoma- I’m not thrilled about another first round offensive lineman. However, Brown and Becton are far from a sure thing, and Harris is just that good. He’s very light footed with a great frame and technical. Even if Becton stays healthy and plays play well, we still need a long term answer at both tackle positions.

Round 2, Pick 43- Drew Sanders, LB, Arkansas- the Jets really have invested very little resources at the backer position. Sanders is an extremely talented off the ball linebacker. He plays the run well, and if you’re a fan of a thumper you’ll love this guys game. He’s also very athletic and plays the pass with excellent instincts.

Round 3, Pick 80- Jaquelin Roy, DT, LSU- the Jets run the defense through the defensive line. Big, athletic, violent players are the type of guys they want. Roy fits that mold.

Round 4, pick 112- Ricky Stromberg, OC, Arkansas- one critique I’ve had of Joe Douglas is not investing in offensive lineman often in the mid rounds. Stromberg is a physical lineman who really could use a year or two to perfect and refine his tools.

Round 5, pick 143- Jartavius Martin, DB, Illinois- Martin really fits the identity of the Jets defense. He is scrappy. He doesn’t miss tackles. His is amazing at tracking. He projects as a slot corner, which you can never have enough depth at.

Round 7, Pick 207- Tyson Bagent, QB, Shepherd- I’m a huge fan of taking a QB most years. Bagent has prototypical size and arm ability to be an NFL QB. He does need time to develop as a QB. What I really love about him is his moxy as a player. He’s a natural leader and would be a great addition to the QB Room.

This is the conclusion of my AGOP. It’s a much different approach than I normally take. As this year I took a much more all in approach with a QB I’ve loved to watch play for years. There was a few backloaded deals here, which is the direction I think the Jets are inevitably going. As always this was a lot of fun. I always appreciate any and all feedback.

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